The Ultimate Guide to Annual Events in Tiburon, California

When it comes to celebrating community spirit, showcasing art and culture, and simply having a good time, Tiburon, California stands out. Nestled on the edge of the stunning San Francisco Bay, this picturesque town is not just about natural beauty – its calendar is packed with events that promise fun, excitement, and rich cultural experiences. Let’s dive into the top annual events in Tiburon California.


1. Tiburon International Film Festival

An event of global repute, the Tiburon International Film Festival offers a platform for filmmakers worldwide. Showcasing films from over 60 countries, this event celebrates diversity, creativity, and the spirit of storytelling. If cinema is your passion, this festival is a must-attend.

2. Tiburon Taps Beer Festival

What better way to embrace the Californian spirit than sipping on craft beers with the bay as your backdrop? The Tiburon Taps Beer Festival features over 70 craft brews, accompanied by gourmet bites and live music – an absolute delight for beer enthusiasts!

3. The Annual Tiburon Wine Festival

Tiburon’s Wine Festival is an epitome of California’s rich wine culture. Bringing together over 60 wineries, it offers a tasting extravaganza, where you can indulge in the finest wines and sumptuous food, all while enjoying the waterfront view.


4. Blackie’s Hay Day

A family favorite, Blackie’s Hay Day is a nod to Tiburon’s pastoral history. This event offers everything from hayrides to carnival games, making it a perfect family outing to relish the town’s heritage.

5. The Tiburon Art Festival

Set along the town’s historic Ark Row, the Tiburon Art Festival exhibits the works of talented artists across diverse mediums. It’s not just a visual treat but also an opportunity to meet artists and understand their creative process.

6. Tiburon Classic Car Show

For automobile enthusiasts, this is a golden ticket. The Tiburon Classic Car Show showcases vintage beauties, giving attendees a chance to take a trip down memory lane.

7. The Labor Day Parade

A tradition that brings the community together, Tiburon’s Labor Day Parade is a delightful display of local school bands, community groups, and spirited floats, painting the town in hues of joy and celebration.

8. Tiburon’s Holiday Festival

When winter sets in and the holiday spirit takes over, Tiburon’s Holiday Festival is the place to be. From tree lightings to horse-drawn carriage rides, it’s a winter wonderland come to life.

9. Sharkfest Swim

For the adventurous souls, the Sharkfest Swim offers a thrilling open-water swim experience from Angel Island to the shores of Tiburon. An exhilarating challenge, it’s a testament to human endurance.

10. The Annual Chili Cook-off

Spice things up at the Chili Cook-off. Amateur chefs battle it out with their signature chili recipes, and attendees get to be the judge, making it a deliciously heated affair!


Tiburon, California, is not just another pretty town on the map. It is a town that celebrates life, culture, and community. Each event tells a story of its rich heritage, its embracing of new cultures, and its zest for life. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the annual events in Tiburon promise memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So mark your calendars and make your way to Tiburon – because every day here is a celebration waiting to unfold.