Annual Events in Redwood City, CA: Celebrating Culture and Community

Located in the heart of California’s San Francisco Peninsula, Redwood City, CA bursts into life with its plethora of annual events. Reflecting its rich cultural tapestry and the vibrant spirit of its residents, these events offer a unique blend of tradition, entertainment, and community engagement. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, immersing yourself in Redwood City’s annual events promises memories that last a lifetime.


1. Redwood City Art & Music Festival

Artistic Displays

Every summer, artists from all over the region converge on Courthouse Square to showcase their masterpieces—ranging from intricate sculptures to vibrant paintings.

Live Music

With a stage set for local and national bands, groove to tunes spanning various genres, from rock to jazz.

2. Redwood City International Film Festival

Global Cinema

Experience the magic of world cinema as films from diverse cultures and languages get screened, fostering a global cinematic dialogue.

Film Workshops

Emerging filmmakers can benefit from various workshops that delve deep into the art and craft of movie-making.

3. Downtown Redwood City Car Show

Vintage Beauties

Classic car enthusiasts, assemble! Witness a jaw-dropping display of vintage cars, lovingly restored to their former glory.

Modern Marvels

The latest in automotive innovation also finds a place, giving visitors a taste of current trends and future possibilities.


4. Redwood City Salsa Festival

Dance Extravaganza

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove to the infectious rhythms of salsa, as both amateur and professional dancers set the stage on fire.

Salsa Tastings

It’s not just about dance; sample some of the spiciest, most flavorsome salsa concoctions from local chefs.

5. Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks

Patriotic Parade

One of the largest parades in Northern California, witness floats, bands, and dancers celebrating the spirit of America.

Fireworks Display

As night falls, the skies above Redwood City light up in a mesmerizing display of fireworks.

6. Redwood City Shakespeare in the Park

Classic Performances

Experience Shakespeare’s timeless tales under the open sky, as talented actors bring characters like Romeo, Juliet, and Macbeth to life.

Interactive Workshops

Delve deeper into the Bard’s world through workshops on Elizabethan history, stage combat, and more.

7. Pets in the Park

Pet Parade

Watch a delightful parade of furry friends, from dogs and cats to more exotic pets, as they strut their stuff.

Adoption Drives

Find your new best friend, as local animal shelters host adoption drives, giving animals a chance at a loving forever home.

8. Redwood City Oktoberfest

Beer Galore

Sample some of the finest brews, both local and international, in a setting that replicates Munich’s famous beer halls.

German Delicacies

Savor traditional German food, from sausages to pretzels, ensuring an authentic Oktoberfest experience.

9. Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Cultural Immersion

Join the community in celebrating and remembering departed loved ones, with traditional altars, music, and dance.

Craft Workshops

Engage in creating traditional crafts like sugar skulls and paper marigolds, bringing the spirit of the festival alive.

10. Holiday Tree Lighting & Winter Wonderland

Illumination Magic

Witness Courthouse Square illuminate with thousands of lights, as the festive season kicks off.

Winter Activities

From ice-skating rinks to snow areas, enjoy a plethora of winter-themed activities right in the heart of Redwood City.

Conclusion: Redwood City’s Calendar – A Melange of Memories

Redwood City, CA, is more than just its landmarks and landscapes. It’s a city that celebrates life in all its hues, through events that bring the community closer and showcase its cultural vibrancy. Whether you’re swaying to salsa rhythms, getting lost in Shakespearean tales, or basking in the glow of festive lights, Redwood City’s annual events promise experiences that touch the soul and stay etched in memory.